ELA Application and Admission

It is highly encouraged to apply for your student's 6th grade year. Students derive the most benefit from being at ELA for 3 years. In addition, there are significantly fewer 7th grade spots available. 



Early Applications:  Deadline:  Thursday, February 6th, 2020 at 4:00pm.

Notification of acceptance on early applications will be mailed within the next 2 weeks.

Second Round Applications: Deadline:  Friday, April 3rd, 2020 at 4:00pm, with notification of acceptance mailed within the next 2 weeks.

Additional applications may be accepted if spaces are available.  ELA has limited enrollment and admits students whose complete applications demonstrate high academic interest, motivation, effort, and good citizenship.

Applications for 2020-2021 school year

Application Booklet

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Enrollment Criteria Guidelines

Our school provides a challenging curriculum for highly focused learners. The small student to teacher ratio ensures that students are challenged to learn with a process oriented and individualized learning plan that best suits the needs of students.  Leadership development and community service are also critical components of the ELA curriculum. The faculty, staff, students, and parents at ELA are committed to ensuring that the environment of the school is one of acceptance, cooperation and excellence.  Englewood Leadership Academy students should be those that strive to realize their academic potential, take responsibility for their learning, and are inspired and determined to be their personal best.
The student who would likely succeed at Englewood Leadership Academy is a student that:
  • Needs a highly challenging curriculum
  • May be bored for lack of challenge
  • Thrives in a small, accepting community of learners
  • Needs personal attention to harness their potential
  • Desires an environment that is highly focused on academic achievement
  • Wants to develop leadership qualities
  • Wants to avoid disruptive behavior and classroom disruptions
  • Wants to take ownership and responsibility for learning

Eligibility Criteria

Students must demonstrate eligibility for enrollment at ELA by presenting :
  • Evidence of grade level or above grade level proficiency and/or high level of motivation for learning
  • Evidence of ability to meet high standards of work completion, work quality, and ability to meet deadlines
  • Evidence of self motivation, ability to access resources and work independently
  • Evidence of striving for self improvement
  • Evidence of responsible conduct in and out of the classroom