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 Wellness for ALL at ECE!


Wellness Team Englewood Schools 

Matt Hoganson and Katie Kossette is running the school district's wellness team for the 2019-2020 school year. Please visit the website below to check district wellness meetings, good news sharing and reference the current Wellness Policy. 

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Pandemic Tips ENGLISH


Pandemic Tips SPANISH












Dental Month February 2020




Making Rainbow Food Art January 2020






Cooking Class coming to ECE


2019 Special Olympics Colorado Hall of Fame Luncheon presented by Comfort Dental Young Athletes Program of the Year: Englewood Early Childhood Education at Maddox




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Culture of Wellness in Preschools Lesson Plans

February 2020

October 2019

September 2019


Englewood Schools and ECE Wellness Policy



Schools across the United States are rugint more of their attention toward health and wellness - this is great! Unfortunately, many wellness initiatives fail or are unpopular because they focus on the negative side of health: taking things away. Englewood Schools chooses a different approach: improving wellness by ADDITION, not subtraction!

ECE Maddox Illness Policy for families 2019-2020

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Special Olympics - Field Day Spring 2019



Additional community members and resources supporting the ECE wellness initiative:


Kidstooth Doc  - They help us learn and take care of our teeth





The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) provides hands-on nutrition education through a series of lessons. Each group meets once a week, for eight to ten weeks. Best of all, EFNEP is free for those who are eligible!

EFNEP participants learn about healthy eating and being active. Each lesson lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Lessons are taught in groups.


Cooking Matters


Cooking Matters helps families to shop for and cook healthy meals on a budget, as part of Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign. 


Sign up for Fall and Spring Classes - Dates TBD

Lion's Club Englewood - Vision Information

Lion's Club International gives additional Vision support in the ECE community

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Lion's Club attending Wellness Fair





Mountain Dental Hygiene Services, LLC

Phone: 303-523-2851

Email: misbhaven@gciconsult.com

Ms. Havens Guenthner supports the dental program in the ECE community by educating and performing dental screenings on students. For further information contact nurse assistant Ms. Michelle Watson








Who do Mountain Dental Hygiene Services Help?










Special Olympics 

 Mandi Dewitt - Director of Colorado Special Olympics 

Special Olympics    

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Tri County Health Department

Tri County


Second Step Social Emotional Curriculum

ECE Staff teach social and emotional awareness and develop foundational learning skills with Second STEP 

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Culture of wellness in Preschool Curriculum


Please get to know our community support staff at Culture and wellness!They will visit preschool classrooms, provide wellness trainings, and attend family events.


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Stroke Awareness Information

This is a picture of Ms. Heather Roberts and her daughter. Ms. Heather is a staff member and a wonderful community supporter. Please contact Ms. Heather if you want to learn about strokes and join the mission to bring awareness of pediatric strokes.
















Tobacco Prevention 

Tobacco Prevention

Volunteers with Ms. Julie White

PEAK Parent Center

PEAK Parent Center website

PEAK volunteer

PEAK offers an array of free and low-cost services to families of children with disabilities and self-advocates across Colorado and beyond. Each year, PEAK directly reaches more than 45,000 families, youth with disabilities/self-advocates, and educators. 

All Health Network

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Let's start moving.... start taking healthy steps by down loading this activity calendar for your family

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Sleep - Health - Wellness Guides  

Sleep Help for New and Expecting Mothers

New sleep health guide

How To Manage Screen Time and Bedtime


THANK YOU Community Supporters!  

           Pelanga  Cooking matters