Materials Pickup May 19

Dear ECE families,

I hope that this message finds you and your family safe and as well as possible.  I had harbored a fantasy that we would be able to safely gather at the end of the school year to mark this transition for your children but there is no safe, responsible way to do that at this time. 

We have some items that we would like to get back to you on May 19, 2020, including your child’s class pictures (hopefully), personal belongings, and some work from earlier in the year.  You can also drop off anything that needs to be returned to the school, or that you want to give the teacher at that time. The classroom teachers will get everything ready but will not be at the materials pick up because we feel that it will be too difficult for them, and confusing for the children, to maintain the 6 foot distance. 

If you have medications at school, Michelle Watson will contact you with pick up information.

Please follow this process below so that we can give you back your belongings in a time efficient manner that also minimizes the risk to our staff. 


Time                      Child’s Last Name begins with



10 - 11am


11 - 12 noon


12 noon - 1pm

S - Z



Please make a sign for in your windshield that has your child’s first and last name in bold letters

Please drive to the back entrance of the building, on Lehigh Street.

Stop, but do not exit your vehicle.

When it is your turn, tell the staff your child’s last name or make sure that they can see your sign.

A staff member will tell you where to pull up along the curb.

Another staff member will bring the bag of your child’s belongings to your vehicle when you get to the designated area.

If you have anything to return to the school or to give to the teachers, please make sure that it is clearly marked and in a portable container.


If you are not able to pick up your materials at your designated time, please email me to let me know at and we can make an individual plan.


Thank you, as always, for your partnership and for sharing your children with us. 

Leigh Pytlinski