Bee Movie

Please show this special video message to your preschooler:   The ECE Bee Movie
Our teachers are trying to make sense of their own emotions as we plan for the final week of this unpredictable school year.  They created this video as a token of their feelings and a tribute to your amazing children.  If your children are struggling, suggest that they make a card, draw a picture, or make a video to upload to SeeSaw.  We will keep the SeeSaw app open after May 14th so that they have an avenue to share their feelings too.  We will do our best to create a sense of closure for the preschoolers next week and, for those who are returning to preschool in August, we are already having conversations about how to address the emotional impact of COVID-19 school closures.

Why are the preschoolers called Englewood Bumblebees?
Englewood ECE's mascot is the bee.  Bees are small and very important. Bees work together.  Bees work for the good of the whole world.  Bees can do things that seem impossible, like fly with wings that seem too small for their big bodies.  The Englewood Bumblebees are small, and they can Bee anything that they want to Bee.