Remote Learning

Remote Learning FAQs

Remote learning in Englewood Schools began April 1.

How does my student access remote learning?

You or your student will receive an invitation to Seesaw or Google classroom via email as well as links to do live Zoom meetings with your child's class or teacher.

Families, please click here to access our Remote Learning website that includes parent/family resources to help you understand the tools your students may be using while engaging in remote learning. We also have our ECE parent access link up and running!

Familias, para acceder a la versión traducida del sitio web de Aprendizaje remoto, deberá descargar el navegador web Chrome. Haga clic aquí y siga las instrucciones para hacerlo. Una vez que haya instalado Chrome, abra ese navegador y vaya a nuestra página web de Englewood Schools. Luego, haga clic aquí para acceder a nuestro sitio web de Aprendizaje remoto que incluye recursos para padres / familias para ayudarlo a comprender las herramientas que sus estudiantes pueden estar usando mientras se dedican al aprendizaje remoto. ¡También tenemos nuestro enlace de acceso para padres de ECE en funcionamiento!

Why remote learning?

Knowing that our schools will be closed until at least April 17 (and possibly longer) our vision and moral obligation is clear in that we want to be sure we are Graduating [and educating!] all students to be the leaders, thinkers and explorers of tomorrow.

A plan for remote learning is complex, as we need to be sure it is easy to use for teachers and students alike, as well as accessible for all of our students and families.

What about devices?

We have given families several opportunities to retrieve student devices so they can use them for remote learning. However, if you have not yet gotten your student’s device (or cannot pick it up on Thursday for Finest families), we are making plans to deliver those to you. It is our strong preference that students use Englewood Schools devices, as those are preloaded with many of the tools students will need to use for learning. However, a home device will be possible to use as well.

What if I don’t have internet access?

First, please try accessing these free resources to try to get connected: 

How will students interact with teachers?

We will be using Google classroom for grades 2-12 and Seesaw for grades K-1. Preschool students will continue to access online resources instead of remote instruction.

Teachers will plan to connect with their classes live via zoom for about 30 minutes a day. In middle and high school, this will be a homeroom or Pirate time class. Teachers will post recorded videos of lessons in each subject area and explain the work students are expected to complete. Teachers will have one hour of office hours each day to answer student and parent questions in real time.

Is remote learning mandatory?

Teachers will be taking attendance each day and monitoring students’ work. If your student does not participate, we will be reaching out to you to help troubleshoot and help your student continue learning. We do not want students to fall behind.

What is the time commitment?

Mondays will be teacher planning days and instruction will take place Tuesday through Friday. We expect students to spend about 30 minutes working in each subject area in addition to brain breaks and specials/electives. Here are possible schedules by grade levels:

K-3 Sample Schedules
4-6 Sample Schedules
Middle School Sample Schedules
High School Sample Schedules

What about all the screen time?

At this point, technology is the best way for us to provide dynamic learning possibilities for students. Teachers will make efforts to provide work that is away from screens whenever possible.

What if remote learning does not work for my student/schedule?

If you or your child are having difficulty with remote learning, please first reach out to your child’s teacher for support. If needed, the teacher will also seek support from the principal or learning services team to assist you and your child. Our goal is to help all families be successful with remote learning.

What about students on individual plans, 504, IEP, ALP, ELP?

Special Education: 


Although IEP services will look different temporarily, they will be conducted.  Special education staff will be in touch with you and your child by phone and/or email to collaboratively discuss your child’s learning priorities and how best to address them.  Case managers and service providers will work in collaboration with teachers and families to provide services and support students on IEPs within the general education platform as much as possible.  Some services will be embedded into teacher lessons, some will be differentiated assignments within Google classroom and some will be provided in small groups or 1:1 by a service provider or paraeducator under the supervision of a teacher -most likely the “in person” services will occur via Zoom.

Evaluations and IEP meetings: 

As much as possible, evaluations for Initial referrals and Reevaluations will continue as scheduled.  Although some assessments can be done by phone or virtually, like parent/teacher interviews, screeners and checklists, others will require face-to-face time with students.  As that occurs, teams may need to delay these assessments until school is re-opened. We appreciate your patience on this. All IEP meetings will be held virtually through phone or Zoom video conferencing.  Once the meeting is scheduled through Zoom, a hyperlink will be sent via email. Once received, just click on the link as the meeting is about to start. In the event it is not feasible for you to use this technology, participation in meetings by ordinary telephone conferencing can be effective.

504 Accommodation Plans:

504 Plans will be followed to the best of our abilities -families may want to discuss options based on their child’s disability with classroom teachers should they have concerns about distance remote learning for their child.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education:

Although ELP supports will look different temporarily, some supports will be embedded into teacher lessons, some will be differentiated assignments within Google classroom and some will be provided in small groups or 1:1 by a service provider -most likely the “in person” services will occur via Zoom.

Gifted and Talented Education: 

ALP supports will mostly be embedded into teacher lessons, some will be differentiated assignments within Google classroom and some supports -like Affective Goal supports-may be provided in small groups or 1:1. 

How long will we do remote learning?

We will be learning remotely until we are back in school or until the school year is over.

Internet Access

We know that access to the internet is vital to many during this time. While Englewood Schools does not endorse these resources, we want to make sure families are aware of all options available to them:

Digital Learning Resources

Formal remote learning in Englewood Schools begins April 1. In the meantime, Englewood Schools has compiled extensive learning resources for students to access during the extended closure of our schools. Linked here is a website with the optional, supplemental resources. We understand that questions might arise on how to use the resources. If you have questions regarding the resources linked on the website, please contact