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Thrive Across America - Round Two!
Thrive Across America is in progress!

 Click here to participate as an individual. 

Click here for a promotional flyer for Thrive
Click here for the team registration reminder flyer!

Spring Fitness Classes!

Free fitness classes are being held throughout Englewood Schools for all staff! You may attend any class at any building location, and you may attend as many classes as you'd like each week. This program is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, but you do NOT need to be a Kaiser member to participate!

Classes run for six weeks, and each class is an hour in duration.

Zumba –  Mondays - CFAHS –  3:30 PM - starting April 7

Pilates – Tuesdays – Maddox -  4 PM – starting April 8

Yoga – Tuesdays – Bishop – 4 PM - starting April 8

Boot Camp – Tuesdays – Hay – 3:15 – starting April 8

Boot Camp – Thursdays – Clayton – 3:15 PM –starting April 10

Fall 2013 Thrive Across America Winners!!
The results of the two-month activity tracking competition are in! Here are the teams who participated, in rank order. 
Congratulations to the Roscoe Rascals, the WINNERS of this competition!
1. Roscoe Rascals
2. Maddox Maniacs
3. BLT Bears
4. Maddox Avengers
5. Boom Boom Bishop
6. Wonder Women
7. Team SPARK

No matter where you ranked, congratulations for giving Thrive a try! The Thrive competition will run again in the spring, so until then, keep moving...

Healthy Holidays Program

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes some pretty tempting food choices! You can learn to celebrate the holidays the healthy way through the Healthy Holidays Program! Here's how it works:

1. Print out the materials below if you would like to create a team of friends, co-workers, and families. You can also do the program on your own, but having support of those around you can make it more fun!
2. Print out the tracking sheets. 
3. Come back to this space every week from November 18th to January 10 for the tip of the week, which will also include recipes! If you would like the weekly tips emailed to you please click here, and we'll get you on the email list. 
THAT'S IT! No need to turn in forms, enter anything onto a website! This is just a very simple tool, free to all Englewood Schools Staff, brought to you by Kaiser Permanente. 

Printable materials:
Team roster / pledge
Weekly Tracker

Weekly Tips:

November 18th - You Got To Move It
November 25 - Gobble Gobble
December 2 - The Bottom Line 
December 9 - Eat This Not That 
December 16 - Party On 
December 23 - Giving Presence
December 30 - Health is a Daily Activity

Polar "Real Body Age" Assessments - May
During the month of May, all Englewood schools employees will have the opportunity to participate in a free "Real Body Age" fitness assessment. The assessments will be held at your school or building.  The assessments are done individually, in a room with privacy.  The assessment takes 15-20 minutes. After the assessment, you will receive a confidential report via secure email, and only you will see the results. This assessment will evaluate:
  • Flexibility
  • Upper body strength
  • Body composition
  • Blood pressure
  • Resting Sub-Max VO2, a measure of cardiovascular health
Check back here for dates and times!

FREE Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire

The Kaiser Total Health Assessment (THA)  is an easy questionnaire that can help you examine what’s affecting your overall health—from how often you exercise to what you eat in the morning—and then help you prioritize your lifestyle changes to reduce your risks. 

How is my information protected?
This questionnaire is part of a confidential and voluntary program that is part of the Englewood Schools wellness program. It provides you with important information on how to stay healthy. No individual health information will be provided to anyone at Englewood Schools.

Kaiser members may complete the assessment online. If you are not a Kaiser member you may request a paper assessment from Linda Shamlin in the Human Resources Office.
To complete the Total Health Assessment online: 
1.Log on to kp.org with your user ID and password
2.Hold mouse over “My Health Manager” tab, click on “My Medical Record.” Click on “Past Visit Information” and “Test Results” to write down your blood pressure, cholesterol (LDL, HDL, and triglycerides), and fasting glucose. If you do not have these test results yet, you may skip this step.
3.Click on “Health and Wellness”; and then click the “Total Health Assessment” icon. Scroll down and click “Start Succeed now.”
4.If this is your first time entering the site, click “I agree” to Terms & Conditions and click “Next.”
5.Complete the HealthMedia® Succeed™ Total Health Assessment.
6.Print out your personal report and make plans to improve your health with a variety of special online programs, health education classes, and discussions with your personal health care team 
Once you have completed your THA, bookmark or print your personal report and make plans to improve your health with a variety of online programs, health education classes, and discussions with your personal health care team.

This program is FREE to all Englewood Schools employees, both Kaiser and non-Kaiser members. 

2013-14 Kaiser Permanente Sponsorship

This school year, Kaiser Permanente will once again be sponsoring a range of wellness programs for Englewood Schools staff. Thanks to their generosity, Englewood Schools staff can participate in on-site programming FREE of charge (only flu shots incur a cost of $20 for non-members). 
The programs being sponsored this year are:
  • Flu Shots (October 10 and 11)
  • Onsite fitness classes (Zumba, Pilates, Boot Camp, CrossFit, and Yoga)
  • Onsite Healthy Connections (similar to Weight Watchers at Work)
  • Thrive Across America (self-reported activity tracking program)
  • Healthy Holidays (tips for nutrition from November - January)
  • Polar "Real Body Age" Assessments
  • Total Health Assessment (online health risk assessment)
For more information, please talk to your school or building's Wellness Champion or contact Dale Lumpa, Englewood Schools Wellness Coordinator. 
Smoking Cessation Resources from Kaiser
Please click here to view a summary of smoking cessation resources available from Kaiser Permanente, FREE to Kaiser members. 

EHS Fitness Center Open to All Staff

The newly-renovated EHS fitness center is now available for staff use at NO COST! The center has new cardio equipment, weight lifting equipment (similar to Nautilus machines), free weights, and space for stretching / core work. If you are interested in using the center, please fill out this waiver and send it to Kimberly Venable. She will coordinate with you to have a key available for pickup at the Admin Building (RDAB). Please note:
  • The facility is ONLY for staff use.
  • You may use the facility any time, unless it is being used for a class. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays the space will not have students from 3:30 - 4:05 PM.
  • Please also take good care of your key; loss of the key will result in lock changes and re-issuing of keys for everyone.
  • You will not have access to the locker room when using the facility.
  • If you would like to create a personal workout plan, including an intro to the gym and its equipment, pleasecontact Belinda Hayes!
Englewood Schools Wins Bronze Level School Employee Wellness Award!

Englewood Schools has just been notified that we have won a Bronze level award from Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) for the 2010-2011 School Employee Wellness (SEW) Awards Program.

As part of this award, ESD will:
  • Receive a $250 grant to use for our School Employee Wellness program
  • Receive a banner recognizing our achievement to proudly display
  • Be featured on DHPE's school employee wellness web site
  • Be invited to National Conferences to make presentations about our successful School Employee Wellness program
  • Receive a press release to share with local media sources.

The ESD Employee Wellness Committee is thrilled to have this opportunity to help bring wellness programming to our ESD staff. We're headed in a great direction!

ES Staff Rates at Yoga Tree Colorado
The Yoga Tree Colorado, an Englewood-based yoga studio, is offering discounted rates to all ES employees! See here for a listing of rates.

When visiting The Yoga Tree Colorado, simply let them know you are an ESD employee and you will be given the discounted rate.

Employee Wellness Survey
A big thank you to all of you who took the time to complete this survey. You have provided the Employee Wellness Committee with a very valuable tool for charting out the next steps in employee wellness!

View the results here!

Healthy Celebrations Made Easy!

Healthy food celebrations don't have to be difficult or expensive. Click here for a listing of food items that are good for you, good for your co-workers, and won't break the piggy bank.

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