Englewood's Gifted Education Programming Model

Gifted Programming in Englewood Schools:


Advanced learning plans (ALPs) will be developed for students identified as gifted. The ALP serves as a road map, outlining the individual program for each student. 

  • ALPs address each students' affective and academic learning needs
  • ALPs protect student access to: Opportunities to work on special projects aligned with ALP goals, differentation and acceleration based on individual needs, counseling services, community partnerships, differentiated, flexible, and individualized pacing


Elementary Level Programming:  Englewood Schools offers individualized ALP programming support at the student's school of choice.


Middle School Level Programming:  Englewood Schools offers individualized ALP programming support at Englewood Middle School. Additionally, Englewood Schools is home to Englewood Leadership Academy (ELA), a school of choice for students seeking advanced leadership skills. ELA offers a small student/teacher ratio setting:  https://www.englewoodschools.net/schools/englewood-leadership-academy/about-ela


High School Level Programming: Englewood Schools offers a robust concurrent enrollment and Career and Tech education options.   

Concurrent enrollment: https://www.englewoodschools.net/concurrent-enrollment

Career/Tech education: http://www.englewoodschools.net/career-and-technical-education-cte



All middle and high school students participate in developing an on-going Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP): http://www.englewoodschools.net/icap

The ALP and ICAP may be blended for students identified as gifted


More on advanced learning plans:

Information on Early Access for Gifted Education: http://www.cde.state.co.us/gt/earlyaccess

Information on Twice Exceptional Student: http://www.cde.state.co.us/gt/twice-exceptional



CDE's Areas of Giftedness