Englewood Student Support Center

Welcome to the Englewood Student Support Center!

The Englewood Student Support Center is located on the campus of Colorado's Finest High School of Choice, 300 W. Chenango Ave. Our entrance is at the southwest corner of the building, on Delaware, halfway between Chenango and Grand.

Our daily class schedule is 7:55-12:15 pm.  Our students are expected to work independently with teacher oversight to complete their coursework.  Generally speaking, a course should take about three weeks to complete.

Students may not enroll themselves in this program, but must instead be current students at Englewood High School, Englewood Middle School, or Colorado's Finest who have been referred here.

Our mission is to empower all students and their families to see their educational experience go above and beyond their expectations.

Our vision is for all students at the ESSC to graduate from Englewood Schools, be post-secondary ready and know what their next steps in life are because of their experiences at the ESSC.

Our culture values diversity within our staff and students so that all individuals feel valued and respected. We expect all stakeholders to participate in pro-active communication that supports each student's social-emotional and educational needs

The ESSC is a program that serves all Englewood secondary schools, with all the academic, social-emotional supports and resources that Englewood Schools systematically has in place for all schools.

If you have questions about the ESSC, please contact Jon Hubbard at jon_hubbard@engschools.net or 303-934-5786.